Verstehende Soziologie (German Edition)

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Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg New Paperback Quantity Available: Published by Oldenbourg Wissensch. Vlg New Hardcover Quantity Available: 3.

Chiron Media Wallingford, United Kingdom. New Quantity Available: 3.

Linked bibliography for the SEP article "Alfred Schutz" by Michael Barber

Vlg Mai New Quantity Available: 1. BuchWeltWeit Inh. Ludwig Meier e. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Rheinberg-Buch Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Seller Image. New Quantity Available: 2. Published by Walter de Gruyter, Germany His description of action does not seem to indicate anything about the concrete factors or elements of action or about the concrete and specific courses of action.

It does not seem to add new empirical insights filled with contents to a traditional conception of action. This impression is not restricted to his theory of action but rather refers to his sociological theory as a whole. For such sociologists, the task of sociology is to draw empirical propositions filled with contents and with reference to the manner of being of the concrete social world in the past and the present.

If sociologists adhere only to such a traditional sociological framework, they would be dissatisfied with Schutz's work. Why are such inquiries required? Why should the actor's future-oriented projects be inquired retrospectively for explaining action and social action? Isn't it sufficient to start the discussion, like Weber, with presupposing the meaningful phenomena naively as a matter of intersubjective agreement? Cannot action be explained scientifically, as Parsons tried to do, by finding out the causal relationships between the factors of action and certain other preceding factors through elaborated deductive procedures without taking into account the uncertain factor of the actor's own interpretation of their action?

For doing sociological research from such perspectives, among others, the foundation for sociology in a mode of Schutz's might be required, because it might be insufficient for the research to refer only to the manner of being of action and the social world as ready-made and existing by itself, and because sociologists as persons-not-concerned cannot decide in advance which aspects of social phenomena should be selected and chosen as the object of research.

Sociologists so inclined should inquire, at any rate, which meaning the concerned persons attach to the social phenomena, and furthermore they should take into account not only meaning attached ex post facto , but also projects devised in advance with an orientation to the future by the actors. This make it insufficient for sociologists to consider action and the social world as ready-made and existing by itself.

They should pay attention with the same weight to possible or expected action and the social world. If an inquiry starts with assumptions filled with ready-made contents, such an inquiry cannot but take on some implicit biases derived from these contents. Which events and occurrences does sociology investigate, from which perspective and by which method?

What can be selected and chosen as events to be investigated? Only on the basis of inquiries into these topics, could sociologists state with confidence, on the one hand, that events conceived of now in this manner could in principle be different, and on the other, which conditions or factors lead events to appear as they do. It is true that the work of Schutz does not in itself provide new or additional empirical insights to sociology.

It invites, however, sociologists to critical and fundamental arguments about sociological reasoning as well as common-sense reasoning, and in this sense, it is no less significant than traditional sociological work providing empirical insights. The author deeply appreciates Jan Strassheim for his helpful comments on an earlier version of this essay.

Wagner found a significance of Schutz's work in his self-restriction just mentioned Wagner, Studies of the routine grounds of everyday activities. Social Problems , v. The americanization of Max Weber.

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Verstehende Soziologie: Lehrbuch (Lehr- Und Handbücher Der Soziologie) (German Edition)

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Guide Verstehende Soziologie (German Edition)

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