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The person profiles in the middle of the pages offer a wonderful glimpse into the people who are the actors on this stage we call the Bible. Those little mid-page boxes also offer information on other things, like theological concepts and the way life was in those cultures and in those days. Which brings me to the layout. The top of most pages is occupied by the scripture text itself, set in two columns in a relatively large, easy-to-read type. On many pages then is a box in the middle of the page, a single column of text, the aforementioned person profiles and other information.

I notice there are a few person profiles that are so detailed that they take up an entire page, like Peter, and David. At the bottom of the page, set in three vertical columns, are the study notes. This layout really makes it easy to see what is what on the page. The study notes are very good.

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After all, we have here some thin pages, jam-packed with information! How many volumes would you like to cart around? If you need more information, and many of us do, you need to start looking at commentaries and other study aids. What we have in the NLT SB is a good base to work from, a solid foundation, a Bible with lots of extra information that will help out most scholars, and is more than enough for most of the people who will ever buy it. And on this basis I think I can recommend this study Bible very highly to most people I come into contact with at church and in a Bible study group.

At the beginning of each book they give us an outline of that book. Then as you read the text itself, you see section headings that are numbered which correspond with the book outline.

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The numbers are smaller than the chapter numbers, but they are in bold print, and I frankly find them a bit confusing. In my humble opinion, Tyndale may have been better off leaving the sections un-numbered, with just the section headings in bold to set them off from the text. Another thing that bothers me, here it comes … is the red letters.

I need a study bible.. Suggestions?

This is something that has bothered me for years, as it has many of my fellow bloggers. No, red-letter Bibles deserve to be relegated to the dustbin of history, just a short little blip on the radar screen of the Christian Faith. Finally, the biggest negative for me personally, is the NLT text itself. Now I have come to see that the decisions our dear friends at Tyndale have made in the making of this translation, in nearly all situations, are very good.

They do help the common people, the everyday folks, to understand what God is telling us. Well, along that line I think the NLT really shines!

Yet, there are times when I think they have missed something, when a certain turn-of-phrase, when a certain little nuance seems to have been lost. All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,.

Am I just missing a familiar phrase? But it seems every once in a while the translators have over-simplified. As we know, the translation of the scriptures from the original languages into contemporary English is a very difficult thing, and there is no such thing as a perfect translation. All translation is interpretation. I can go to the original Hebrew and Greek, using online study helps, and work diligently and carefully to determine the original meaning and decide for myself if the translators of these new translations and the old translations, for that matter have rendered a word or passage accurately into English.

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Not only are these color maps placed in each of the book introductions, but they are also placed within the pages of the main texts to provide the readers with an historical place where the story was situated. The regions, nations and cities are concurrent to the period of time when the characters and stories took place.

I have found that the cross references are in the ESVSB is sufficient and comparable to other bibles; plus there is a concordance in the back. The numerous theological articles in the back of the bible reflect an evangelical perspective. They are quite readable, even for beginner Christians. Perhaps these theological-biblical articles were what J. Some historical and scholarly articles are appropriately placed in between the Old Testament and the New Testament to explain in a compact fashion: the time between the testaments; the Roman Empire and the Greco-Roman world; Jewish groups at the time of the NT.

As far as the translation itself goes, I see the ESV translation becoming ever more popular in the future. It is popular in covenantal Baptist and Reformed churches, but it is also becoming more widely used in Lutheran congregations. In fact, maybe Crossway could have renamed it the RSV2? The difference between the two is in its updated and conservative biblical scholarship, and easier to read punctuations and some modernized grammar.

Overall, it still reads very much like the RSV. I acknowledge that the RSV is one of the best translations ever translated into the English language and in many ways, the ESV has improved over its predecessor. The ESV is also gender-inclusive, but to only to an extent.

We can come to two possible conclusions concerning this issue of moderate use of gender-inclusive language:. Personally, I think both points of view are legitimate. Personally, I do prefer gender-inclusive language because it fits the context of the audience to whom the writers were originally writing to. However, technically speaking, the gender of the pronouns i. The ESV translation is already a very successful translation but I believe it will become even more popular.

I predict that the ESV will become one of the great modern translations of all time. I am not just saying that but I really believe it. Crossway has put together great study bible with a great translation to go along with it. Good job Crossway! I have found it to be an excellent study bible. Any time now in August, the NLT Study Bible website will be launching a fully searchable online version of the study bible with a free day trial. Even though the tools in the NLTSB are top-notch, this study bible can compete almost head-to-head in understandability with other study bibles.

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What really makes this slogan ring true, I believe, is the readability of the New Living Translation itself. The NLT is the most easy-to-read English bible translation available today. Perhaps its increasing demand for such a translation is an indication that what readers want is a simple, easy-to-understand translation. But, different strokes for different folks. So kudos to the NLT and Tyndale on your big gains in readership! This is evident throughout the pages of its study notes and book introductions.

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Over 48 scholars and editors have contributed to this bible. Its contributors are reknown evangelical theologians from a variety of seminaries and theological departments of universities. The historical-critical stream within evangelical biblical scholarship seems to be more evident in the NLTSB. If you are familiar with the dating of Isaiah, you might chuckle at how the introduction to Isaiah attempts to satisfy all views:.

As a result, some critical scholars have argued that the prophet Isaiah could not have written the entire book, a view that has prevailed since the mids. Furthermore, the book displays a remarkable literary unity p. This comment on the authorship of Isaiah carefully tries not to alienate those who adhere to the older view that it was the prophet Isaiah who wrote the entire book of Isaiah. It speaks of literary genres, imagery, patterns, etc.

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The study notes discusses not only the facts but also what the message means to the reader. The expanded notes bring out insightful details into words, people, themes, and topics. The feature of Hebrew and Greek word studies is an invaluable feature, especially to those preparing bible studies and for pastors preparing sermons. Tyndale has done a great job because it keeps in mind the interests of ordinary people whom they know are non-readers of the original biblical languages. Here is an example of a Greek word study on repentance :.

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This noun means the action or condition of change, especially of behaviour and opinions. In the NT it usually refers to changing from a sinful state to a righteous standard. Repentance is not merely regret about something, it is a change of perspective that results in changed actions. The introductions of each book includes the historical setting, maps, outline, timeline, summary, authorship, date and other historical issues, meaning and message.

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  4. As much as I appreciate the historical setting, the timeline in each introduction also allows me as a reader to have a better idea when the events in a particular letter or book occurred. Many ordinary readers like me can appreciate such timelines because it helps me place the text in its proper chronological context. An outline in each introduction is also a helpful tool.