No. 4: Pour les Sixtes

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  4. Experiments (1967-1969)
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Tchaikovsky The Seasons op.

blog — george x. fu

Kalinnikov Nocturne in F sharp minor Elegy A. Scriabin Etude op. Saar Selected preludes F.

Poulenc 3 Novelettes H. Eller The Bells S. Tubin Selected preludes D. Shostakovich Preludes op. Ligeti Etude no. Sumera Two pieces from the year E. Bach Keyboard Concerto no. Haydn Keyboard Concerto no. Chopin Piano Concerto no. Liszt Piano Concerto no.

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto no. Grieg Piano Concerto in A minor op. Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. Handel Violin Sonata in G minor op.

The Beatles

Haydn Piano Trio in G major Hob. Schumann Frauenliebe und -Leben op. Voices Of A Generation Listen to a collection of interviews with some of the biggest stars of the 60s. Gene Chandler Groovy Situation. Gene Chandler Get Down.

See all clips. Motown hits the UK! The Beatles on Saturday Club in Details of music played on every edition of Sounds of the '60s is now available after the end of each show on its individual episode page.

Data Protection Choices

The man accused of these crimes was Jimmy Shaver, an airman at the nearby Lackland Air Force Base with no criminal record. Shaver claimed to have lost his memory of the incident. The victim, 3-year-old Chere Jo Horton, had disappeared around midnight outside the Air Force Base, where her parents had left her in the parking lot outside a bar; she played with her brother while they had a drink inside.

When they noticed her missing, they formed a search party. Shaver wandered out of the darkness.

Experiments (1967-1969)

He was shirtless, covered in blood and scratches. Making no attempt to escape, he let the search party walk him to the edge of the highway. Deputies arrested Shaver. At 29, he was recently remarried with two children and no history of violence. Before deputies could take Shaver to the county jail, a constable from another precinct arrived with orders from military police to assume custody of him.

Investigators interrogated Shaver through the morning.

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He gave his first statement at a. After the air force marshal returned to the jailhouse, however, Shaver signed a second statement taking full responsibility. The commander of the base hospital, Col. Robert S. Bray, ordered a psychiatric evaluation, to be performed by Dr. Louis Jolyon West, the head of psychiatric services at the air base.

They returned to the scene of the crime, trying to jog his memory. While Shaver was under, according to testimony, he recalled the events of that night. He confessed to killing Horton. At the trial, West made only a minimal effort to exonerate Shaver. The airman was found guilty. He maintained his innocence the whole time. The doctor had used leading questions to walk the entranced Shaver through the crime. He has been confronted with all the facts repeatedly. His condition was severe enough that the Air Force had recommended him for a two-year experimental program.

Lackland officials told me there was no record of him in their master index of patients.

Sally Pinkas

For several decades, he was one of an elite cadre of scientists using it in top-secret research. In the fifties, when the CIA began to experiment on humans with it, it was a new substance. The suggestibility from LSD was akin to that associated with hypnosis; West had studied the two in tandem.

One of them, Gilbert Rose, was so baffled by the Shaver case that he went on to write a play about it. But Rose was shocked when I told him that West had hypnotized Shaver in addition to giving him sodium pentothal. Hypnotism, he said, was not part of the protocol for the interview.